I am a candidate for the State Legislature because I understand the particular rural needs of our area of California. I will support legislation and policies that better suit the needs of my constituents with “common sense” legislation.

Our elected representatives must be the voice of the people, not political parties or special interest groups whose sole purpose is to expand their ideology. Making public policy is not easy. It should not be. It should take into consideration the desires of all constituents as best as possible.

Like many of you, I am committed to reducing government waste, stretching each tax dollar further than it has ever been before. As a steward of the people’s money we must not foolishly spend more than we take in and always be aware that every penny misspent will affect our future. That future is the one our children will inherit.

I will also be a strong and proud leader of personal freedoms and rights. Your freedom to choose religion, education, sexual orientation, marriage, women’s choice or the right to bear firearms will always be paramount. We must not allow our rights to be diminished in any way.

My victory as a “No Party Preference” legislator will be the first in California’s history and a victory for the voters who support me in representing the Foothills District. We, as a legislative district, will undoubtedly be looked upon as leaders and pioneers of future public policy. More education and qualifications at mcbelden.com

This was my candidate’s statement for the 2016 California State Assembly. Mailed to hundreds of thousands of registered voters and reprinted in numerous California newspapers. This is what I stand for and will continue to believe in.








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